Rosie is a documentary photographer with a strong and distinctive narrative style. Her images are disarmingly simple and yet she manages to access people's lives, our lives, with a real visual truth.

She has had work shown at the National Museum ofPhotography in Bradford, at the National Portrait Gallery, the Photographers'Gallery at the Hereford International Photography Festival and in other festivals and exhibitions in Slovakia, France, Sweden and Germany. She'salso had work published in national and international publications includingthe Guardian Weekend Magazine, Foto8 Magazine and the Frankfuter RundschauMagazine.

Having been given her Dad's silver Pentax when she was 12, she started to photograph incessantly and instinctively, with no realreference points. She was a secretary in advertising, at Bartle BogleHegarty, in the 80s, but it wasn't until the 90s that she finally studied photography part-time at John Cass School of Art in Whitechapel then a degree at Brighton.

She has lived in Borough for 18 years with the art director Martin Galton and their two boys Stanley and Victor.

One of her signature pieces of work is 'Understanding Stanley- Looking Through Autism' - a beautiful,enlightening and groundbreaking book that helps make the invisible, visible.With 64 colour images made over a period of 14 years, it helps you to feel, not just to think. A mixture of observed portraits of Stanley and images that represent autistic characteristics and experiences, the pictures are supported by brief quotes and comments from adults who are on the autism spectrum.

When not working, she can be found singing with theLondon Morris Folk Choir, knitting, adding to her collection of flick books and1950s pictorial toffee tins, hiking (preferably in woodland), organising her bi-monthly film club in Soho, helping run (and hosting parent support groups for) the Southwark Branch of the National Autistic Society or, if it's a Saturday, reading the Family section of the Guardian - 'the week's best read'... and where her own work has also been featured.

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